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Comments from Professionals Using Xzibitware Tool Kit

FRANK WEST....CAD Manager/Detailer, T3 Expo
"Using Xzibitware has improved the efficiencies of my department more than I could have imagined. The short learning curve and its seamless integration with AutoCAD makes it a snap to learn."

"If you do happen to get stuck, donít worry. Their customer support is second to none and is the highest priority for them. Add to that, its compatibility with many of the industry standard materials, regular updates that keep improving the product as well as keeping up with the latest releases of AutoCAD, makes it an easy decision to choose Xzibitware as my everyday 'go to' tool."
STEVE MARTINEAU....Senior Designer/Detailer, Lancaster Management Services
ďI have an aversion to testimonials, per se. However, Xzibitware by MALEKKO is one indispensable bit of technology. Iíve been a user for well over 10 years and produce hundreds of detailed exhibit layouts annually. I design in both imperial measurements for AGAM type parts and metric for Octanorm. Switching between the two is virtually seamless. Multiple libraries, conversion options, exporting part data to Excel among many other features, makes my daily routine easy & stress-free, allowing me to focus on what is important, my clientís needs."

"Richard Maddox has provided, hands down, consistently outstanding service & help desk advice as compared to nearly every other companyís 'help desk' Iíve ever used."

"Thanks for making my job easier!Ē
ULYANA STETSENKO....Senior Designer/Detailer, Shepard Exposition Services
"I have been using Xzibitware since I was hired by Shepard Exposition Services in 2000. Since the beginning, this program has greatly improved my productivity by helping me complete my projects in half the time and with half the effort."

"This company has been very accommodating to our requests and has made upgrades whenever needed. In fact, this program's adaptability to our always-changing needs (whether they are technology upgrades or changes in the customers' needs) is absolutely invaluable. I would recommend this product to any designer in the exhibit industry who uses Octanorm."
ALEXANDER GOMES....Creative Director, NexxtShow
"I've been using Xzibitware for six years and I would not be able to do my job accurately without the program. I save countless hours of manually counting parts versus clicking a few buttons and allowing the program to do the tedious work. I would say that Xzibitware has improved my production output by at least 70%."

"The material lists that are produced by Xzibitware are extremely detailed. This allows the Shop to quickly understand the scope of work that is coming down the pipeline. The quality provides for easy reading and accurate information to be viewed and shared with the office and/or show sites."

"Xzibitware lets us share the same exhibit parts and their data tables. That helps ensure that exhibit part information is consistent throughout the NexxtShow organization. It also makes it easier to organize and plan for trade shows and events. It's flexible, intuitive to work with, and makes a designer's life much easier. It was not difficult to adapt Xzibitware to my work flow."
RYAN MARTIN....Facilities Planner/3D & Exhibit Designs, Blaine Convention Services
"Coming into the exhibit industry after Xzibitware was already on the market has been a huge advantage. I never had to hand count parts and remember to add in accessories since Xzibitware does it all for me."

"As I learned how to design and detail exhibits, MALEKKO was always available by phone to answer any questions I had about Xzibitware. The learning curve was quite small since the way the product works is straightforward. There is a pushbutton or a menu for almost everything you could want it to do. When new tools are created, MALEKKO automatically provides updates to its users. It's also very easy to add new parts to your symbol library as they become available."

"The team at MALEKKO has made my transition into the exhibit design world as seamless as possible with their product and 'customer-care-first' mentality."
ALEX SHTYLMAN....Senior Designer/Detailer/Estimator, ALVIRO Consulting, LLC
"Thanks to Xzibitware, I have enough TIME to handle the Design and Detailing work for a large number of clients. They're usually surprised at the fast turnaround when I work on their exhibits, especially the ones that are large and have a lot of different parts. Without Xzibitware, there's no way I could provide that kind of service."
STEPHEN PARKER....Creative Group Director, Derse Exhibits SRS division
"Most importantly, the product allows me to focus on creativity because the details, costs, labor times and weights are all worked out for me automatically."
SCOTT CEURVELS....National CAD/SST Manager, Champion Exposition Services
"By implementing the Xzibitware software into our detailing department, we were able to pick up efficiencies we never knew existed."

"With the use of MALEKKO's software, we are able to provide 'on-the-fly' information to both our internal and external customers at the touch of a button. Now that Xzibitware is doing the estimating for us, it allows our designers to utilize their time to be more creative."

"I could not ask for a better relationship with a vendor. Richard Maddox [president of MALEKKO] has been the driving force in getting Xzibitware up and running at our company, and continually works with us to further enhance the product to fit our needs."
STEVE SHALLENBERGER....Graphics-Exhibit Designer, Chroma-Imaging
"So many times in our industry we are forced to use software programs that have to be adapted to how we need them to work for us. Xzibitware is a program that was created precisely for what I need it to do and has helped in enabling my department to produce drawings and price exhibits quickly and accurately so our sales stance can be competitive in the market."

"MALEKKO's personnel work constantly on evolving the software and listen attentively when current users have ideas on how to improve its efficiency. It is satisfying to know that the software I use on a daily basis will work the way I need it to perform and that I may have a voice in how to improve it."
PETER RASTONIS....Senior Detailer/Estimator, Stevens E3 [Canada]
"You guys are definitely the ambassadors of customer support. I've never seen anything like it before."
JASON WINTERS....Supervisor of E&D CAD, Global Exhibit Specialists, Las Vegas
"My team and I have found the block creation and insertion tools of the Xzibitware product to be a real time-saver in our detailing process. The linking of the attributed blocks to the [materials] databases and providing a BOM Excel document that we can edit to fit our needs has been of real benefit to our detailers."

"The ability to edit attributes "on-the-fly" as to [component symbol] layer, color, materials, and others makes it easy for both the designer and the detailer to create projects quickly and accurately as well as make changes to entire drawings as projects grow and change. After spending some time using this software, we cringe whenever we need to go back into a drawing file that was created before we started using it. We would now prefer to completely re-insert new blocks [symbols] instead of working with the old ones."
GREG JONES....Manager CAD/Detailing, Hargrove
"Xzibitware speeds up the creation of drawings, and saves us 60 minutes per structural detail drawing because Xzibitware draws, groups, counts, and reports all required parts."

"We like the fact MALEKKO keeps working to improve Xzibitware and provides Hargrove with regular program updates and technical support whenever needed."

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