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Company FounderRichard Maddox with a vintage 1979 Ibanez George Benson model GB10 Jazz Guitar
MALEKKO Software Systems was founded by Richard Maddox, an electronics engineer, musician, and long-time control systems and computer software developer.  Despite a long-time fascination with electronics, he always had a strong interest in computer programming.  This was later evidenced by his work with real-time control systems and simulation of systems to test the software of other computer-based controls.  He also designed most of the interface electronics for these control systems.  

The name MALEKKO comes from MA (Maddox) LEK (Electronics) KO (Company).  MALEKKO began by building custom electronic controls and single-board computers.  As an early user of AutoCAD with experience as a top-rated AutoCAD Trainer on behalf of Texas Instruments, Richard also let MALEKKO provide CAD drafting services to a wide range of clients.  Most of MALEKKO's early work, however, centered around custom software and hardware development.  In 1987, MALEKKO began to develop software applications that worked with the AutoCAD® CAD software product from Autodesk®.  In the years that followed, a wide range of applications from Space Planning to Bill of Materials programs were developed and used by clients such as the Federal Aviation Administration, W.W. Grainger Company, Prudential Insurance, The Logan Company, Intel Corporation, Quincy Compressor, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Army.
In October of 1995, MALEKKO was introduced to a major force in the world economy: the Exhibition Industry.  MALEKKO was approached by GES Exposition Services [after being recommended by Autodesk] to develop a custom AutoCAD application that would help designers create, manage, and track exhibit component CAD symbols.  The application also had to create detailed materials reports that would include costs, weights, and labor time information.  These reports provided the basis for project material costs and labor time estimates.  Today, GES uses Xzibitware as a complete replacement for the original application.
In 2000, when much better software development tools became available, MALEKKO, entirely on its own, spent the next three (3) years updating and enhancing this application.  Since the software was to be used within the exhibit industry, the name given to the resulting product was "Xzibitware".  Designed to run inside AutoCAD® as an add-on application, "Xzibitware" continues to evolve as new ideas and suggestions from exhibit designers, detailers, and department managers at various companies are shared with MALEKKO's product developers.  It also maintains a close working relationship with many Xzibitware users and has provided custom features for them as well.