Xzibitware Tool Kit Video Tutorials

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Foreword from Richard Maddox, principle developer of Xzibitware:

Many early users of Xzibitware took advantage of the video tutorials we provided with our product.  It really seemed to help them get up-to-speed.  But, in time, so many new features were added and old features enhanced that the tutorials became out of date.  We were faced with a real dilemma:  Concentrate on adding and improving program features or spend hours of valuable development time trying to keep the tutorials up-to-date?  We finally decided to just stop including tutorials on our product installation CD.

We assumed that Xzibitware was intuitive enough that most new users would be able to teach themselves without the tutorials.  What we failed to recognize at the time, however, was that as each new feature was added, Xzibitware slowly began to be a bit less intuitive to understand.  ...And, I guess we forgot that a lot of people only learn well when they can see something demonstrated.  Maybe that's why the market for instructional videos on every imaginable subject has mushroomed in recent years.  With the addition of this tutorial section to our web site, we are once again creating tutorials that we hope will benefit anyone who would like to work with our product.
From this page, you can access all of our Video Tutorials.  The selection shown here will grow in time as we add new material.  You can help us choose what product features to cover next by contacting us via our Contact Us page.  We would also appreciate any feedback or comments you'd like to share with us.

Note: All Video Tutorials include Narration..so, you will need a Sound Card and Speakers or Headphones.
We recommend a Display Setting of 1024 by 768 pixels for optimum viewing of these Tutorials.
All Tutorial Pages include VCR-style controls near the bottom.  This gives you control over the presentaton.

For the streamed Tutorials with large file sizes (Custom Metal, for example), to watch them without long pauses or frame action freezing, you MUST have a high-speed Internet Connection. This means at least a Cable Modem connection to the Internet and usually not a DSL connection with its much lower streaming speeds. We can provide a DVD of these Tutorials upon request if you are unable to view them from this Web Page (call us at 770-314-7199 Ormond Beach, FL EST).