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Why Xzibitware
ALEXANDER GOMES....Creative Director, NexxtShow
"I've been using Xzibitware for six years and I would not be able to do my job accurately without the program. I save countless hours of manually counting parts versus clicking a few buttons and allowing the program to do the tedious work. I would say that Xzibitware has improved my production output by at least 70%."

"The material lists that are produced by Xzibitware are extremely detailed. This allows the Shop to quickly understand the scope of work that is coming down the pipeline. The quality provides for easy reading and accurate information to be viewed and shared with the office and/or show sites."

"Xzibitware lets us share the same exhibit parts and their data tables. That helps ensure that exhibit part information is consistent throughout the NexxtShow organization. It also makes it easier to organize and plan for trade shows and events. It's flexible, intuitive to work with, and makes a designer's life much easier. It was not difficult to adapt Xzibitware to my work flow."
STEVE MARTINEAU....Senior Designer/Detailer, Lancaster Management Services
“I have an aversion to testimonials, per se. However, Xzibitware by MALEKKO is one indispensable bit of technology. I’ve been a user for well over 10 years and produce hundreds of detailed exhibit layouts annually. I design in both imperial measurements for AGAM type parts and metric for Octanorm. Switching between the two is virtually seamless. Multiple libraries, conversion options, exporting part data to Excel among many other features, makes my daily routine easy & stress-free, allowing me to focus on what is important, my client’s needs."

"Thanks for making my job easier!”